Leaking Water

Why Your LG Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

Is your LG refrigerator leaking water? Have no fear, and we’ll help you troubleshoot that leak. Everything you need to know about LG refrigerators will be covered, including the most prevalent issues and solutions. Although LG is largely recognized for its electronics, the South Korean business has recently extended its product line to include washing machines and refrigerators. 

The downside is that everything may become a bit soggy. A second-hand refrigerator from Craigslist or another site may save you money if you don’t mind the additional labor and are willing to pay a little more for your energy costs. Why is your LG refrigerator leaking water? Here are several solutions. Using this tutorial, you’ll learn why your LG refrigerator is dripping water.

Water Pipe Frozen

It is essential to prevent the pipe in the freezer of your LG refrigerator from freezing over if you want to prevent water from leaking out of the appliance. Ensure to make it a habit to check the freezer section’s temperature frequently to ensure it is not set too low. You may do this by using a thermometer or by putting an ice cube against the inside wall of the freezer and observing how long it takes for the cube to melt. If the temperature is too low, you may need to defrost the pipe using a hair dryer or heat some water and then put it in a plastic bag between the pipe and the wall of your LG refrigerator. If the temperature is too high, you will not need to do any of these things. If you keep your LG refrigerator unplugged for an extended time, you may also need to defrost the pipes or buy new ones if they have frozen solid.

Drain Hose Clogged

Have you noticed that the water is leaking from your LG refrigerator? You’re not alone. The LG customer care staff asserts that a blocked drain hose is one of the leading causes of water leakage in LG refrigerators. This is one of the most prevalent reasons why LG refrigerators leak water. If the ice maker or the water dispenser causes a coating of ice to build up within the hose, it may freeze and expand, forming a blockage that allows water to seep into your freezer. This can happen if the ice maker or the water dispenser creates suction. To resolve this issue, first, detach the ice maker from the refrigerator, then use a screwdriver or a pair of pliers to push the hose away from the point where it is attached to the base of the appliance. After you have used a toothpick or another similar tool to break up any ice that may have formed, try putting everything back together.

Ice Maker Frozen

The ice maker is a typical source of water leaks in LG refrigerators. First, you’ll notice that the ice maker’s water supply is leaking and dripping onto the floor. This problem can’t be fixed with a hair dryer or defrosting manually, so it’s best to bring in a professional to inspect your fridge and solve any other faults that may be causing the ice to melt. LG authorized technicians are the ideal people to contact when your refrigerator is leaking water. They can identify whether the issue can be rectified quickly or whether it needs more complicated repair services. 

At Universal Appliance Repair Inc., we have more than 15 years of experience repairing and replacing LG appliances, and we can help you with any problem you may be having. LG refrigerators have been serviced by our professionals who are well-versed in all major appliance brands and models. To guarantee that our factory-trained technicians can handle any problem with any appliance, they participate in frequent training sessions at the factory. We can fix any problem, even if the ice machine is frozen.

Water Leaking Valve

You should examine the water valve if you have a refrigerator made by LG or any other manufacturer. Typically, it will be situated either below the kickplate close to your feet or on the right-hand side of the compartment of your freezer; it will resemble a little faucet or lever. The water valve in your refrigerator is the component that regulates the flow of water throughout the appliance. When it is shut, it stops ice from accumulating inside your refrigerator and prevents cold air from leaking into the room. When it is open, it allows air to circulate freely. Ice may build inside your refrigerator if this valve breaks or gets blocked with debris, and water could flow out onto the floor. This is one of the most typical factors contributing to refrigeration equipment leaks.

Leaking Water

Damaged Gasket

A faulty gasket is one of the most frequent causes of leaking water in a refrigerator. Flat rubber or silicone gaskets seal the door shut and keep the air within your fridge rather than escaping. You should inspect this item regularly since any gasket breaches can enable air and heat to escape and water if your area is damp. First, remove the front panel to access the gasket by unscrewing two screws on each side of the refrigerator. To remove the screws, use a screwdriver to remove them all from each side. There are two screws beneath the door handle and a few more on top and in the rear that must be removed once both sides have been removed. You should be able to remove the front panel easily now that the screws have been removed.

Some people think they should be able to work on their appliances themselves, but they don’t realize how dangerous it can be. Even a slight mistake when you’re trying to fix something can cause a huge mess to happen. If you’re having a problem with your refrigerator leaking water, you must contact Universal Appliance Repair Inc immediately at 818-832-5318.