appliance repair in Cathedral City

What are the Signs You Need an Appliance Repair?

Buying a new refrigerator in Cathedral City will cost you around $2,000 if you are investing in a higher-end model. It can go up to $8,000 if you want more features. But do you really need to replace your existing fridge? Or do you just have to call an appliance repair in Cathedral City

Signs You Need an Appliance Repair in Cathedral City and Not Replacement 

Quick Food Spoilage 

When you open your refrigerator, you may not notice the temperature changes. It will still be cold. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no issues. Keep in mind that a slight drop in temperature can quickly spoil the food. In that case, you could be wasting a lot of your money on food spoilage. But don’t assume that your refrigerator is the culprit. It can be that the food is past its expiration date. However, if you noticed that you are wasting several food items that are not yet expired, consider having your fridge repaired. 

Not Cold Enough to Preserve Food 

Do you feel a chill when you open the fridge? No? Does the food in the freezer start to defrost? Yes? It can mean one thing — your fridge is broken and needs repair. You don’t have to replace the entire unit just yet. It can be that this appliance is having trouble maintaining a proper temperature. If the fridge can’t maintain the right temperature, the food in it will start to spoil. Not only that, but it also means your energy bill will go up as the unit works overtime just to maintain the temperature. 

As soon as you notice these signs, make sure to call an appliance repair specialist. You may need to avoid opening the fridge until it is fixed to prevent the food from spoiling. Or you may transfer them to a cooler or chiller if you have any. When contacting a specialist, make sure that you call someone that offers emergency repair. In that way, the technician will arrive at your doorstep immediately. 

Ice Buildup 

Ice can form in the freezer. It’s normal. However, if there’s an ice buildup in the freezer, then it can mean one thing. The fridge can’t control the temperature. Although it doesn’t require an emergency repair, it has to be fixed. Call a repair specialist to inquire about what to do. In most cases, it needs repair. You should not wait for too long to call a repairman. Make sure to do it ASAP so that the problem will be fixed immediately. Otherwise, the issue will go on and you’ll need an expensive repair later on. 

appliance repair in Cathedral City

Water on the Floor

When you clean under the fridge and notice water on the floor, it is a sure sign your fridge is in trouble. It’s leaking. If not fixed, it can lead to water damage. You would want this to be fixed right away. Call Universal Appliance Service ASAP to carry out appliance repair in Cathedral City: 1(818) 832-5318