Washer Repair

Try to Get Your Washer Fixed Before You Call a Washer Repair Service

Having your own washing machine is incredibly convenient. You don’t have to go anywhere to do your laundry, nor do you have to keep paying quarters in order to do so. However,  it also means that if something happens to it, you’ll have to deal with that yourself. You might be a little reluctant to call a washer repair service at first, which is understandable. Well, if your washer isn’t really working, here are a few things you can try to fix yourself.

Washer Repair

Your Washer Fills but Doesn’t Agitate

Sometimes, the issue at hand is that your washer fills up with water but doesn’t agitate properly. When this happens, it will be necessary to first check the washing machine’s spin cycle. If it doesn’t work, the belt might be loose or broken, so you’ll need to tighten or replace it. If the spinning works, then it might be necessary to check the lid switch and the tab that strikes it. If this plastic tab is broken, then this might be making it halt during cycles. Press and release the switch and, if it doesn’t click, you will probably need to replace it. If neither of these attempts at repairing it work, you will need to call a washer repair service.

Your Washer Isn’t Spinning

Sometimes there are clothes that get jammed in the drum, which can cause a washer to shudder. In this case, open the lid and reposition the clothes. If this doesn’t stop the washer from shaking, then check the lid switch as well as the tab on the lid that strikes it. Try pressing and releasing it. If it doesn’t really click, then it’s probably broken. In that case, remove it, test it, and replace it if it comes to that. If that’s not really the problem, try checking the washer’s drive belt because it might be worn, loose, or broken. Try tightening or replacing it accordingly. Also, the problem could potentially be in the controls, in which case you’ll have to contact a repair service.

Your Washer Isn’t Spinning the Clothes Dry

Sometimes you will find that your washing machine is not properly spinning your clothes dry and that they’re still drenched after the cycle is done. This could be because the tub might not be spinning. If you keep having this problem, you may have a damaged motor coupler, in which case a washer repair service can help you replace it. In case the tub is spinning, check the load to make sure that it’s balanced. Now, if that’s not the problem, the problem can be a damaged motor pulley, belt, clutch, or tub bearing. You can also try checking the drain hose to make sure that it isn’t kinked. Lastly, if nothing has worked so far, the water pump might be clogged or broken because of a piece of cloth.

Washer Repair Services

At Universal Appliance Service Inc, we understand just how important it is to maintain your appliances. You don’t really want a faulty washing machine to get in the way of you doing your laundry. Our washer repair service is ready to help you out with the problem at hand. Just give us a call at (818) 832-5318 and we’ll take a look at the problem in question.