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Certified LG Appliance Repair in Palm Springs when the Freezer is Cold But Fridge is Warm

It’s a common issue. If this happens to your unit now, then you will be glad to know that it’s not a sign that you need to replace it. Rather, it is an indication that you must call an LG appliance repair in Palm Springs for some advice. 

There can be plenty of reasons for this issue. It may seem like a complicated problem. However, the fix is fairly simple. 

LG Appliance Repair in Palm Springs on How to Fix this Issue

One of the reasons for your freezer to be cold while your fridge is warm is that your unit has too much food. If your unit is overstuffed, it blocks the airflow. It means that there’s no sufficient cold air going to the refrigerator compartment. 

It’s easy to fix. You just need to throw out old food. Then, organize the shelving. You may use some storage containers that make it easier for you to organize stuff in your freezer. 

Does Condenser Coils Require Cleaning

It’s another issue that our technicians will look into when they investigate the matter. Hair and dust can accumulate on the coils over time. 

Coils are vital in maintaining cold temperatures. However, if they get dirty, the heat can’t leave the coils, thus, the unit can’t provide cold temperatures. 

There’s a simple solution for it. Our technician will clean the coils. Cleaning them must be done every six months. And if you have pets at home, you must do it every three months. 

Another possible cause is the faulty fan motor. It’s especially true if the unit operates loudly. The evaporate fan circulates cold air. When the motor fails, the fan is unable to move cold air causing the freezer to work but not the refrigerator. 

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System Failure 

It can also be caused by the defrost system. It consists of various parts that work along with other parts to ensure that the unit works. If the fridge can’t defrost, expect the ice to build up. If that happens, proper airflow is blocked. 

Some issues with the refrigerator can be handled on your own. However, if you want to err on the side of caution, then make sure to just call a certified technician to help you diagnose the issue and fix it properly. 

Your refrigerator is an electrical appliance. It has moving parts that when you touch them accidentally, they can cause the entire unit to fail. That’s why it’s ideal that you just call a technician to help you out with this problem.

When you call our technicians at Universal Appliance Service, Inc, they can give you possible reasons for the issue. It could be that the problem can be fixed without them going to your house. 

However, if your unit has not been maintained for a long time, then it might be best to book an appointment with our technicians so they could inspect the unit. 

Call our LG appliance repair Palm Springs team today to fix this issue, especially if the solutions presented above are beyond your comfort level. Please dial (818) 832-5318.