Oven Repair

How to Know Whether or Not You Need to Call Commercial Oven Repair

A good oven is the backbone of almost every food establishment out there. Whether you have a restaurant, a bakery, or a coffee shop, your oven most likely serves an important purpose. This is what makes issues with the oven so problematic when trying to run a smooth operation. These problems need to be solved as soon as possible, which is why we have a quick guide for you to determine when you should call an oven repair service.

The Food is Baking Unevenly

One of the worst problems to have with a big commercial oven is uneven baking. After all, when baking a lot of pieces at a time, you want to make sure that they are all baked equally. So, if you have noticed that the food coming from the oven is baked unevenly, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. This could be the result of damaged heating elements and temperature sensors. Alternatively, it could be a problem coming from a bad thermostat replacement. Sometimes, when replacing a thermostat, the capillary and the clips that hold the bulb into place aren’t installed correctly. If this happens, try reaching out to a service for commercial oven repair.

Oven Repair

The Pilot Light Isn’t Working

A very common problem that commercial ovens have tends to be with their pilot light. If the oven’s pilot light doesn’t remain on while you are baking, you might have continuous problems checking on the progress of what you’ve got in the oven. The most likely reason for this is a damaged thermocouple or safety valve. More simply, it could easily be an issue with the bulb itself. If you can replace the pilot lightbulb yourself, you can probably try your hand at it. However, if the problem looks more complicated than that, calling a professional oven repair team should take care of the job quickly.

The Thermostat Isn’t Reaching the Desired Temperature

Nothing is more frustrating or inconvenient than a faulty thermostat in an oven. After all, how are you supposed to properly bake if you have an unreliable temperature reading inside the oven? This is most likely an issue with the thermostat itself, which might need to be replaced. A CPS technician can help you monitor the calibration of the thermostat. They should be able to tell you if the problems are the thermostat itself or perhaps something more serious. If you need to get the thermostat replaced or to check whether the problem is more serious than that, an appliance repair team can take a closer look at you.

Call Professional Commercial Oven Repair

Nothing can be more inconvenient for a restaurant, bakery, or cafe than a faulty oven. If your commercial oven stops working, you are going to be burdened with delays, repairs, and shortages until the problem is addressed. The good news is that you can count on our team here at Universal Appliance Service Repair to take care of the problem promptly and without complications. Just give us a call at (818) 832-5318 and our oven repair team will be on its way.