Broken Microwaves in Palm Springs

We’ll Fix Any Appliance Including a Broken Microwaves in Palm Springs

Appliances are great labor-saving devices, but like anything electrical or mechanical, they do tend to break down from time to time. This may be because of constant use, improper use, or lack of maintenance. It may be just because a working part has become worn. Whatever the reason, it usually happens when least expected and at the most inconvenient time. This seems to be a given with appliances of all kinds. Not to worry and get all stressed out about it. The solution is in hand. We at Universal Appliance Service Inc. have been repairing all kinds of appliances, including washing machines, freezers, and broken microwaves in Palm Springs for more years than we can remember. We design, build and also repair appliances. It doesn’t matter what brand, model, or age it is, we’ll fix it. Go on, dare us to fix your old appliance, we love a challenge.

Broken Microwaves in Palm Springs


Our technicians are trained and experienced. They will call at your residence or place of business by appointment. Only at a time when it is convenient for you. Although you will wish to get your appliance fixed as soon as possible, sometimes having a repairman around is not the best possible time. As a customer-orientated company, we do our best to attend to our customer’s needs without any major disruption.

In case you are wondering, here’s a list of the types of appliances that we routinely repair:

  •         Refrigerators
  •         Ranges
  •         Dishwashers
  •         Dryers
  •         Water Heaters
  •         Washers
  •         Ovens
  •         Freezers
  •         Cooktops
  •         HVAC

We also repair microwaves and so here are some of the most common problems we have found with broken microwaves in Palm Springs:

Magnetron failure

A magnetron requires a high voltage to produce the correct microwave frequency to cook food. A microwave that is accidentally turned on when empty can cause burns out. Unfortunately, magnetrons can’t be repaired, only replaced. Some other causes of the breakdown may be defective door switches, capacitor burns out, faulty diodes, or transformer failure, it mentions a.

Faulty diodes

The diodes within your microwave oven work in conjunction with the magnetron to make the microwaves. If your microwave isn’t working this could be an either-or situation. The magnetron or the diodes need to be replaced.

Sudden power cuts

A microwave that suddenly cuts out halfway through cooking your meal may be having trouble with its switchboard. Sometimes the wiring connections heat up and that trips the fuse, which leads to a cutout. This is a built-in safety feature. It usually means that you are having problems with voltage fluctuation. This sometimes happens when your microwave is crammed into a confined place.

The plate doesn’t revolve

The plate revolves to cook your food all the way through and evenly. If it doesn’t spin you get half-cooked meals. The main cause of this problem is with the motor underneath or its connection with the switchboard. Fortunately, motors can be replaced.

Happen to have a broken microwave in Palm Springs

So, if you have a broken microwave in Palm Springs or any other kind of household appliance, don’t hesitate to call us, the repair experts. You can contact us through our website.