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Appliance Repair in Culver City to Prepare for the Holidays

Are you cooking plenty for the holiday dinner? Do you have people in your home (or ones that have quarantined, been tested, and are safe) to come over for a holiday meal? If so, then the last thing you want to deal with is appliances breaking down. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s how important it is to cherish the time you have with those who matter most. Here at Universal Appliance Service Inc., our appliance repair in Culver City can make sure your appliances are running as they should. 

Appliance Repair in Culver City


For the big meals, you count on your refrigerator. That said, you count on it for your daily meals, too. While your fridge may have many uses, from an ice dispenser to a bulletin board, the main function of your fridge is to keep food cold. If it can’t do that, it has to be fixed. Many of us, when it comes to holiday meals, buy more food than usual. So, that’s when you really need your fridge to step up. If it isn’t keeping your food as cold as you’d like (or keeping it cold at all) we can help. 


Of all the appliances that get a workout during the holiday meals, the oven may get the most. Depending on how many you’re feeding and what you’re feeding them, it’s not impossible for the oven to run from early in the morning to well into the night. Without a functioning oven, many families literally can’t have a holiday dinner. That’s where we can step in. If your oven isn’t as warm as you would want, or if it’s doing anything which seems unnatural or makes you uncomfortable, we can be there to figure out what the problem is and fix it. 


All holidays end, as do all great meals. When they do, you’re left with loving smiles, warm bellies, and memories that last a lifetime. Of course, you’re also left with plenty of dirty dishes, too. It’s not really a good holiday for anyone who would have to clean them with their hands (even if they were on Santa’s Naughty List). If you suspect there’s something wrong with your dishwasher, we can put our experience to work and fix it. Whether you have a big-name dishwasher or one from a smaller outfit, our pros can get the job done. 

Appliance Repair in Culver City All Year Long

During this holiday, so many of us aren’t having those large meals we’re accustomed to. We’re staying with smaller groups, or maybe even doing the holidays on our own, so that we can see our loved ones in the future. Should that be the case, you still deserve to have appliances that function properly. If your appliances break down, we’ll be there to help. Alternatively, if your appliances are still working, but you believe there’s something wrong with them, it can’t hurt to reach out to us at (818) 832-5318