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Universal Appliance Repair Explains What to Do with Common Appliance Fails

Our Universal Appliance Repair center in Palm Springs receives a lot of calls per day from homeowners who need help with their units. Although Universal is a brand you can trust and it’s a reliable appliance maker, it’s not immune to flaws. 

Refrigerator Top is Failing, Should You Call Universal Appliance Repair

Most refrigerators would break in July or the summer. The most common cause of distress would be the evaporator fan, ice maker, and compressor. For instance, if the ice maker can’t produce cubes than usual, then it can indicate that there’s a clog somewhere. 

It’s difficult to diagnose it on your own, especially if you’re not a technician. To help you out, make sure to call our appliance repair team. It’s just easy. You just have to dial our toll-free number (877) 989-7419 and book an appointment. Our team will be there at the time that works best for you. 

Washing Machine Fails 

The water valve, transmission, and control board are the most common parts of the washing machine that can break down at any time. A problem with the water valve can result in water not filling. This will lead to dirty laundry. 

Then, you may also encounter a problem with the motherboard. The control board times and executes the washer component. If it fails, the washer won’t start, spin or drain. 

Don’t diagnose the problem on your own as you might do more harm than good to your unit. Instead, call our technician for help. Our repair service team will arrive at your house to identify the issue. Depending on the problem of your unit, our team can fix it right away. 

Appliance Repair

Your Appliance is Consuming a Lot of Energy 

If you notice that your electricity bill is going up every month, the culprit can be one of the appliances in your house. It’s not easy to diagnose, though. But to help you get started, you may call our technicians to look into your appliances and identify which ones require maintenance. 

Remember that an appliance needs to be properly maintained to function efficiently. Maintenance may mean cleaning its interior or replacing some of its parts. It depends on the appliance in question. 

Appliances that need repair can eat a lot of energy. Even if your unit is known to be an energy-efficient machine, it can still consume energy if it’s not properly maintained. 

Do yourself a favor, though, and make sure that you maintain your appliances at home by scheduling repair and maintenance regularly. You can count on our team of technicians to fulfill your appliance repair and maintenance requirements. 

With proper maintenance and repair, you can be sure that your appliances will start to operate again optimally. It will help to maximize their energy-efficient and prevent them from breaking down prematurely. 

No matter what type of Universal appliance repair you need, you can call our team at (818) 832-5318 to schedule a home visit by our technician. Call us at any time.