Refrigerator Repair Troubleshooting in Palm Springs

Faulty Refrigerator Not Cooling? Call a Professional to Troubleshoot It

Your refrigerator is a vital appliance in your kitchen as it keeps your food fresh. It also prevents it from spoiling. But what happens if it doesn’t cool anymore? Don’t worry. A universal appliance company that offers refrigerator repair troubleshooting in Palm Springs is here to help with this issue. 

Tips for Refrigerator Repair Troubleshooting in Palm Springs

In some cases, the issue isn’t major enough that it needs a pro to handle it. However, it’s still best to call a professional. Here are the things you can do next after finding out your fridge isn’t cooling. 

Check the Power Plug

After finding out that your fridge isn’t cooling anymore, don’t panic. Check its power plug first. If it’s attached to the outlet but it’s not properly plugged, then don’t expect this appliance to turn on. Your refrigerator won’t run if there’s no power supply. Another reason for this issue is a faulty socket or a loose connection. 

No Proper Air Circulation 

Air movement is necessary for the cooling process of your fridge. According to Hunker, “The condenser coils at the bottom of the fridge need to be clean and free of debris or air will stop circulating. Dust buildup in the toe kick or grill can inhibit air flowing in, and this will stop the air circulation and the fridge will fail to reach or maintain the ideal temperature. If your fridge compressor is running but not cooling, odds are good that airflow is being compromised.”

Refrigerator Repair Troubleshooting in Palm Springs


Adjust Thermostat 

Another reason your fridge is not working properly is that its thermostat is dysfunctional. You can interfere with its proper functioning when you clean your fridge. If the thermostat is not damaged, it’s easy to fix it. Simply adjust it higher or lower. If your fridge’s thermostat is a knob, it’s easy to jolt it when you clean your unit or handle the ingredients of your recipe. Thankfully, you can easily adjust it to normal to resume optimal performance. 


One of the reasons cold air leaks is that the door gaskets might not be in the right position. If that’s the case, it causes the air inside the fridge to go out. As a result, it denies the food to get enough cold air supply. Thus, it’s highly recommended to inspect the gaskets if they are in the proper place. Make sure that they are not dirty as dirt buildup can also cause leakage. If there’s visible damage, though, it has to be replaced. Call a technician to have it replaced. 

Call a Technician 

If you have done your own troubleshooting but your fridge isn’t cooling, then it’s time to call a technician to perform refrigerator repair and troubleshooting in Palm Springs. Choose a technician who can handle any brand of refrigerator. Please dial this number to get the same-day service (818) 832-5318.